YPAD Certification

360° Dance Festival is proud to be the FIRST convention in the world to be certified by Youth Protection Advocates in Dance (YPAD). YPAD is a non-profit organization dedicated to building empowered dance communities to keep youth happy, healthy, and safe in all dance environments. More information can be found at: WWW.YPAD4CHANGE.ORG.

We are committed to bringing you an event that is family-friendly and encouraging to ALL dancers!


Physical Safety & Security

  • Clearly marked and/or assigned dressing rooms at 360° Showcase

  • Specific male dressing rooms/area and an option for transgender and gender neutral at 360° Showcase if asked

  • Venue staff clearly identifiable (360° Staff shirts with name tags)

  • The number of dancers in a room will not exceed laws for fire and safety code.

  • Event Director will have a Binder with Safety Protocols and Emergency Numbers

  • A First Aid Kit will be available at the Information Table and Tech Table near stage

  • Announcement of evacuation procedures on the microphone at the beginning of the event

  • 360° leadership staff will receive a letter from YPAD with tips on keeping the venue safe and they will strive to monitor the venue for any suspicious activity

  • Signage in dressing room specifically stating no photos or videos at 360° Showcase or inside the dressing rooms

  • Safety announcements regarding stage safety. (No jumping off stage, careful with younger and smaller children)

  • Safety announcement regarding classes

  • All Event Managers and one other staff member will be CPR Certified however, interns and assistants are not required to be CPR certified.

  • For fast and direct communication staff should be connected through cell phones



  • Faculty//Emcees/Staff/Volunteers/All Employees are background checked once every two years.

  • Background checks must be complete for new employees added during the season before employment occurs.

  • 360° will use in-house personnel for videography and photography and utilize the YPAD Certification education for the safe use of photos and videos of dancers


Faculty Showcase Commentary:

  • YPAD will provide a hard copy of the YPAD “Tools Not Rules” Handbook for each faculty member.


Faculty Agreement:

  • YPAD will provide an online link for the 360° Faculty Agreement to electronically sign covering:

  1. Expectations for social media presence.

    1. Faculty/Emcees/Staff/All Employees have social media vetted and sign a social media creed and code of conduct utilizing the “Hiring and Engaging Dance

    2. Professionals” module and Social Media Standards from YPAD Certification as a guideline.

  2. Artistic standards for their classes at 360°.

    1. All faculty must sign a YPAD agreement they will adhere to artistic standards set forth in the “Tools Not Rules” Handbook (www.ypad4change.org/standards) and Certification manual regarding music, movement, attire and concept choices.

  3. Guidance for showcase commentary in the presence of inappropriate content.

    1. YPAD will provide 360 Faculty with an electronic link that has the content from the “Judges, Competitions and Conventions” chapter of the “Tools Not Rules” YPAD Handbook for them to electronically sign they have reviewed and agree to adhere to the education.



  • To be trained on how will they interact with dancers backstage

  • Training on appropriate commentary in between/after numbers


Social Media, Marketing, Press Materials, Video and Stage Productions

  • Social Media will strive to follow the media safety standards in YPAD Certification regarding language in posts, poses, costumes, facial expressions, context, etc.

  • Marketing videos will strive to use music free of objectifying language (including body parts) and innuendo and follow the YPAD Certification Standards when choosing footage for movement, costumes, concepts, and music.

  • Dancers used for promos videos or print will be thoughtfully chosen and 360° will strive to represent diversity in ethnicity, body type, and ability.

  • 360° will strive to use images of children that look their age.

  • A minimum of two vertical banners at each event explaining what a YPAD Certified Convention is. Artwork template provided by YPAD in conjunction with MTJGD Graphics Dept. We provide Artwork. Each Competition/Convention provides on-site printed format.

  • YPAD Certified Logo on the Homepage of the Website and the 360° YPAD Certification Page. The website will also have an explanation as to what a YPAD Certified Convention is. This language will be collaborated on between 360 and YPAD.

  • YPAD Certified Logo on all appropriate marketing materials and signage



  • 360° Dance Festival promotes events that encourage and support the dancer in a “Inspire the WHOLE dancer ” atmosphere through positive classes and uplifting environment

  • The well-being of the dancer comes first. Everyone who loves dance, regardless of training and ability is welcome. We embrace body diversity and believe dance is for every body!

  • Any comment or feedback during class should be thoughtful in tone and language.

  • Special awards will include recognition of good sportsmanship and routines that exemplify YPAD standards. Award type provided by 360° at showcase

  • 360° has continued to grow with the help and advice from our supporters. Constructive suggestions from studios and teachers are always welcome and appreciated.


Apparel and Concessions

  • All 360° apparel is done in-house and manufactured with all dancers in mind. Merchandise includes tanks, long sleeve shirts, sweatpants, and sweatshorts.

  • 360°, when afforded the option, will provide water and healthy snacks for optimal performance. Please reference the education learned in YPAD Certification Nutrition Module to guide these choices.



  • 360° will be mindful for dancers of all ages to not have any events scheduled before 7am or past 10pm during the festival.



  • Music played during breaks or at awards should be checked to be clean and have positive and appropriate messages.

  • Any complaints/conflicts/etc. regarding the topics and standards covered by this certification should be brought to the attention of YPAD as soon as possible so we can collaborate on solutions and be a united front regarding our public relations response.

  • In the event of cancellation after the events have been promoted as YPAD Certified, or the Certification status has been revoked by YPAD, no refund whether partial or full will be offered.

  • Agreed upon amount must be paid and agreements must be signed before promotion of events begins. Training of Core staff must be completed before first event of the season.

  • If core staff is added to the 360° leadership team they must go through YPAD Certification within 30 days of their employment.