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What is 360° Dance Festival?

As a result of the brilliant team at More Than Just Great Dancing and founder, Misty Lown, 360° Dance Festival was born in July of 2017 in Chicago, IL. Lown wanted to create a safe, healthy, uplifting and inspiring experience for dancers that would allow them to spark a new fire for their upcoming dance season.  Refining and perfecting the festival to become stronger and better each year.

Misty Lown
Misty Lown

In the winter of 2018, original faculty member, Mr. Richard Smith purchased 360° Dance Festival to become the owner and executive director of the event. In the essence of “360°”, Smith is now using the festival to help bring dance full circle. Re-establishing the fundamentals of dance, refining new teaching techniques and standards and giving teachers and students the resources needed to help bring  the art of dance and the dance industry  back to what is important!

Mr. Richard Smith
Mr. Richard Smith


360° Dance Festival is an unplugged dance festival with a focus on nourishing your development and purpose inside and outside of the dance studio. Each of our events have classes from premium faculty that believe in offering dancers feedback and character building critiques that will follow them back to their home studio and make them better dancers for their teachers and better people in society. 360° Dance Festivals also have a non-competitive performance opportunity with our Saturday evening showcase that allows dancers from all levels and backgrounds to share their passion for the art! The weekend will be concluded with an exhibition that will give the audience a chance to see how much the students learn over the length of the festival as well as hear from the faculty about their experience with the dancers.







2021 Dates Coming Soon!

January 2021

  • 13-15 Washington DC
  • 22-24 Madison, WI
  • 29-31 Philadelphia, PA